Subscription Plan

Monthly Coaching
only $299
Gym personal training runs for about $600-$1000/month depending on the gym and expertise of the trainer but we are creating an amazing opportunity to get elite personal training guidance at a fraction of the cost. The recurring monthly coaching program is more like online personal training but at a much better $$$ value. We will provide consistent changes/modifications to both nutrition and exercise programs as well as provide access to our ProCoach nutrition software.
Youth Training Program
only $199
The YOUTH FIT program is a training package that focuses on the age and experience level of the child. We do a thorough evaluation of the sport(s) that the child plays and develop a comprehensive program that maximizes the ability of the young athlete to dramatically increase areas such as speed, power, agility and strength. Sport dad will provide a thorough intake form, set up a video call and discuss the specific needs of the young athlete as well as provide sports nutrition, recovery/sleep recommendations as well as any supplement suggestions. The program is usually set up for about 8-12 weeks in duration.
Parents Training Program
only $225
The PARENT FIT program is a workout/ nutrition package designed to primarily focus on losing unwanted body fat, increase muscle tone, and help increase energy and productivity to be at your best for years to come. Sport dad will set up a video call, design a nutrition coaching program, create a customized exercise program based on your preference for a gym or home workout. The program is set up to last for about 8-12 weeks in duration.