ABOUT the sport dad

Our Mission: To simultaneously design personalized cutting-edge athletic development programs while building and supporting strong self-esteem and leadership traits in YOUR young athletes.

For 30 years, I have had an obsession with helping people achieve their greatest potential(s). In college, I dreamed of being a motivational speaker, as well as devoting my career to inspiring others to be their best.

I knew back then that I wanted to be an elite Strength & Conditioning coach. I began my career training women’s collegiate volleyball and basketball. Growing up, I played numerous sports in high school like football, soccer, and track but wasn’t particularly gifted or driven enough to win an athletic scholarship but became a late bloomer. However, I began to find my purpose as I started to train others and became a personal trainer at the ripe age of 21. I sought out mentors and programs to become a master of developing speed, power, and explosive strength.

Now in my 50’s, I’ve realized that the teacher is always committed to being a lifelong student. Many of the “technologies” from the last 20 years have been converted to smartphone apps and most coaches and parents have little experience understanding how to use them with kids. I had a fascination with cutting edge tools but had to learn the hard way the best methods to use them with my advanced athletes.

I also got married late in life and now have 3 little blessings that I have the privilege of loving, mentoring, and shaping to achieve their calling in life. The self-esteem and confidence of each child are just as important if not more important than their vertical jump or 40 yard dash time.

In my mid 20’s, I met Michael Jordan while being a fitness manager at a downtown Dallas athletic club and realized that pro athletes were once just regular kids having fun but needing evidence-based coaching and patient instruction. Since that moment, I’ve been blessed to have worked with countless professional athletes in the NFL, NHL and MLB ranks as well as collegiate, high school, and adolescent athletes.

This website is dedicated to providing coaches, parents, and kids with advanced insights and experiences from all those years in the trenches as well as helping these young athletes be just as formidable on the inside as they look on the outside.